E-Z Pool All In One Pool Care Solution (Various Weights)

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E-Z Pool All In One Pool Care Solution (Various Weights)


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E-Z Pool features a ♦ "No Algae" Guarantee! E-Z Pool is a patented product designed to simplify the maintenance process. E-Z Pool keeps water clean, clear, balanced, algae and trouble-free. You will not need to figure out the right amount of chemicals to balance your pool each week, just treat with E-Z Pool you will be swimming in no time! If all of that is not good enough to switch, E-Z Pool is eco-friendly so you will be doing your part to help the environment!

NOTE: Due to state regulations, this item cannot be shipped to California.

♦ For the "No Algae Guarantee" Revive must be used with E-Z Pool Product see related items below.

Above Ground Pools
Pool Size Estimated Gallons Dose Per Week
15ft. Round 5,738 gal. 2 Scoops
18ft. Round 8,232 gal. 2 Scoops
21ft. Round 12,214 gal. 3 Scoops
24ft. Round 14,650 gal. 4 Scoops
27ft. Round 18,559 gal. 4 Scoops
30ft. Round 21,000 gal. 5 Scoops
33ft. Round 26,600 gal. 6 Scoops
15ft. x 30ft. Oval 13,029 gal. 3 Scoops
18ft. x 33ft. Oval 16,866 gal. 4 Scoops

InGround Pools
Pool Size Estimated Gallons Dose Per Week
12ft. x 23ft. Rectangle 8,100 gal. 2 Scoops
14ft. x 26ft. Rectangle 10,250 gal. 3 Scoops
16ft. x 32ft. Rectangle 18,350 gal. 4 Scoops
18ft. x 36ft. Rectangle 22,400 gal. 5 Scoops
20ft. x 40ft. Rectangle 28,800 gal. 6 Scoops
17ft. x 35ft. Rectangle 19,500 gal. 5 Scoops
21ft. x 41ft. Rectangle 27,800 gal. 6 Scoops

1 Scoop EZ Pool = 1/2 pound

More Information
Weight 10 lbs.
Brand E-Z Pool™

(No replacement parts)

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