Lo-Chlor Knock-Out - 1 Quart

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Lo-Chlor Knock-Out - 1 Quart

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Lo-Chlor's solution for seriously cloudy water!

  • Clears very cloudy pools FAST (12-24 hours)!
  • Removes dead algae and other floating particles.
  • No messy residue.

Instructions for Use

  • One quart treats 15,000 gallons of pool water.
  • Will not work if algae are present. Super chlorinate before using Knock-Out.
  • Prior to adding Knock-Out, adjust pH between 7.5 and 7.8.
  • If your TDS reading is above 1500 ppm, this product will not work effectively.
  • Unless sufficient Knock-Out is used, floccing activity will be minimal (as with all Alum type preparations).
  • Set the filter to By-Pass or Recirculate, otherwise remove filter grids prior to application.
  • After debris has dropped to the bottom of the pool, vacuum, clean the filter and adjust your chemicals if necessary.

What Causes Cloudy Water?

Clear water is free of particulate matter. When particles of dust, dirt and other matter become suspended in clear pool water the water takes on a cloudy appearance. The degree of cloudiness is determined by the amount of suspended matter. Normally, the filtration system will remove suspended matter and maintain good water clarity.

What is the Difference Between a Claifier and a Flocculent?

A clarifier is designed to be used with a filter system, so particles coagulate in the filter. A flocculent is NOT to be used with the filtration system as the filter may clog. Flocculents are formulated to drop particles to the bottom of the pool, so they can be vacuumed away.

Is Knock-Out Effective in Salt Water Pools?

When using Knock-Out in water containing rich concentrations of positively charged ions (salt-water pools) be aware that the overall floc size is reduced. This will result in a floc of lighter appearance and intensity than might otherwise be anticipated. Salt water pool applications may require a second treatment or a double dose.

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Brand Lo-Chlor
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