Nava Swimming Pool & Spa Bromine Tablets

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Nava Swimming Pool & Spa Bromine Tablets


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Bromine tablets are a chemical sanitation treatment useful in both spas and pools. The bromine tablets are  1" in diameter and work best between 2.0 to 4.0 ppm. Bromine's germ and algae killing functions are much less dependent upon pH than chlorine and there is no stabilizer build up. Spent bromine remains effective in disabling bacteria.

NOTE: Do not dispense bromine in the skimmer. Bromine dissolves at only 10% the speed that chlorine does, and as a result requires more surface area exposure.

  • Less harsh on skin, eyes, hair, and swimwear
  • 100% Soluble - No chlorine odor
  • 24-hour bromine residual
  • Bactericide - Algaecide - Disinfectant
  • Active over a broad pH range
  • 66.8% Available Bromine, 25.4% Available Chlorine


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Tablet Size 1"
Weight 10 lbs.
Brand Nava

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