LaMotte Insta-LINK® Advanced Smartscan Kit

LaMotte Insta-LINK® Advanced Smartscan Kit
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Product Description

As a pool or spa owner, you know that there's a lot to take care of and remember. You need to test and balance the water, keep the filter and baskets clean, vacuum the debris, and that's just the basics.

With one of LaMotte's Advanced SmartScan Kits, Insta-LINK® HOME gives you everything you need to make maintaining your pool or spa less of a chore so you can spend more time swimming and less time maintaining.

The Insta-LINK® 5 Advanced SmartScan™ Kit comes with everything you need to start using Insta-LINK® HOME on your PC or with your smartphone. It unlocks all of the advanced features of Insta-LINK® HOME, such as personalized treatment recommendations, test history, and more

This Kit Includes:
  • 25 - count bottle of Insta-LINK™ 5-way test strips. These strips are specifically formulated for use with the Insta-LINK™ HOME mobile app.
  • SmartScan™ Card, to ensure your test strips scans are as accurate as possible.
  • Account Activation PIN, a special code is included in every SmartScan™ Advanced 5 Kit that activates a one year account with Insta-LINK™ HOME.
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