Bottom Drain Kit For Above Ground Pools

Bottom Drain Kit For Above Ground Pools
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Product Description

New codes recommend that pool owners have multiple drains, which are an important safety feature in preventing hazards. Bottom drains will also help improve water circulation, keeping your pool much cleaner, which means less vacuuming!

A 4-way valve gives you the control and ease of directing your water. Kit includes 2 bottom drains with a safe anti-vortex cover, 4 way ball valve, 25ft of 1 1/2 in. flexible PVC hose, quick disconnect fittings for easy winterizing, directions and all the clamps and fittings you need. Will fit up to a 30 ft. round pool.

Step 1: Locate center of pool and install center drains minimum of three feet apart.

Step 2: Dig trench 4" to 6" deep. Trench should lead out and under bottom channel of pool to the area of where filter will set.

Step 3: Connect hose to fittings and bottom main drains, using teflon tape on all threads. Clamps should grip on the ridged portion of fittings.

Step 4: Before packing trench with dirt (do not use sand) tape over main drain openings and screw holes so not to get dirt or sand into screw holes.

Step 5: Leave hose at least 6ft long on outside pool wall for hooking up to filter. (This may need to be longer. Check with local codes).

Step 6: Drain opening should end up being flush with level of sand in bottom of pool.

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