Skooba-Vac Pool Vacuum Kit

Skooba-Vac Pool Vacuum Kit
Skooba-Vac Pool Vacuum Kit
Skooba-Vac Pool Vacuum Kit
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Product Description

Keeping a pool clean that has a filter cartridge pump filtration is very difficult. In the past there has not been a vacuum that can attach in-line to the filtration as it would on a larger pool but that has all changed with THE SKOOBA-VAC. The Skooba Vac attaches directly into your pools inline filtration system!

The Skooba-Vac is a must for cleaning the bottom of your inflatable pool. Normally any small particles just pass through the filter bag on the Venturi Vacs that you use with a hosepipe but with the Skooba Vac these particles are passed along a flexible hose and caught in your filter just like a full size pool!

The Skooba-Vac fits directly into any pool's filtration system and has adapters to fit most pools from 8ft Easy Set Pools to a 15ft metal frame pool. This amazing Swimming Pool Scooba-Vac has an internal Filter to ensure that larger debris does not get to the filter to block it up. 3 different sized adapters means This vacuum will fit most Intex, Bestway, and most other inflatable & metal frame pools on the market today.

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