Enersol's Solar
Heating System

When considering a heat source for your pool, you only have to look up to realize the primary benefit of solar heat - it's free! With uncertainty and rising costs in the gas and power markets, the price for solar will not change. It will be free for life.

Using your existing pump and filter, the "do-it-yourself" Solar Pool Heater ensures warmer pool temperatures, no monthly heating bills and is proven to be the most cost effective way to heat your pool. Get the most out of your pool by extending the swimming season and have more fun - courtesy of the sun!

The Enersol's Solar Heating System comes with a 15 Year Warranty

The number of enersols needed to heat your pool depends on its size.

In-Ground Pools
Pool Size # of Collectors
12'x24' 4-6 Collectors
14'x28' 5-7 Collectors
15'x30' 6-8 Collectors
16'x32' 7-9 Collectors
18'36'' 8-11 Collectors
20'40' 10-15 Collectors
Above-Ground Pools
Pool Size # of Collectors
15' Round 1-3 Collectors
18' Round 2-3 Collectors
21' Round 2-4 Collectors
24' Round 3-5 Collectors
27' Round 4-6 Collectors
12'x24' Oval 2-3 Collectors
14'x28' Oval 3-4 Collectors
15'x30' Oval 3-5 Collectors
16'x32' Oval 4-6 Collectors
18'-33' Oval 5-7 Collectors

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