Flip Out Swimming Pool Biguanide Remover - 2 lbs.

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Flip Out Swimming Pool Biguanide Remover - 2 lbs.

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Flip-Out!™ efficiently removes biguanide from pool water. Water stays clear and safe to swim while you convert. Stronger and faster than chlorine or traditional non-chlorine shocks. Convert pool water to any other sanitizing system. Flip-Out!™ is a much stronger oxidizer than monopersulfate (non-chlorine shock) or chlorine. This product is unaffected by UV and heat. Contains dry non-polymer clarifier to remove complexed biguanide.

How to Use

  1. Test for metals and sequester if needed.
  2. Balance water: Calcium Hardness = min. 250 ppm; pH = 7.6; Total Alkalinity 80-120. Backwash, wash, or flush existing filter media (replace D.E. if applicable).
  3. Add 2 lbs. of Flip-Out!™ per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Maintain one 3" chlorine tablet in skimmer. Continue to circulate for 3 days. Do not shock with chlorine or monopersulfate for at least two weeks.
  4. After 3 days, replace filter medium (sand, D.E., or cartridge, whichever is applicable).
  5. Maintain one 3" chlorine tablet per 10,000 gallons in skimmer basket (preferred), feeder, or floater and treat with Cloud-Out!™ following recommended "weekly" dosage for 14 days, 21 days if customer has had a water mold problem.

NOTE: Maintianing a clean filter is very important to eliminating biguanide. Filter medium should be backwashed, flushed, or washed at least weekly until the process is complete. After the second week, replace D.E. or chemically clean sand or cartridges in order to eliminate biguanide debris.

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Weight 2 Lbs
Brand E-Z Pool™

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