Flip Out Swimming Pool Biguanide Remover - 2 lbs.

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Flip Out Swimming Pool Biguanide Remover - 2 lbs.

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Flip-Out!™ efficiently removes biguanide from pool water. Water stays clear and safe to swim while you convert. Stronger and faster than chlorine or traditional non-chlorine shocks. Convert pool water to any other sanitizing system. Flip-Out!™ is a much stronger oxidizer than monopersulfate (non-chlorine shock) or chlorine. This product is unaffected by UV and heat. Contains dry non-polymer clarifier to remove complexed biguanide.

How to Use

  1. Test for metals and sequester if needed.
  2. Balance water: Calcium Hardness = min. 250 ppm; pH = 7.6; Total Alkalinity 80-120. Backwash, wash or flush existing filter media (replace D.E. if applicable).
  3. Add 2 lbs. of Flip-Out!™ per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Maintain one 3" chlorine tablet in the skimmer. Continue to circulate for 3 days. Do not shock with chlorine or monopersulfate for at least two weeks.
  4. After 3 days, replace filter medium (sand, D.E., or cartridge, whichever is applicable).
  5. Maintain one 3" chlorine tablet per 10,000 gallons in skimmer basket (preferred), feeder, or floater and treat with Cloud-Out!™ following recommended "weekly" dosage for 14 days, 21 days if the customer has had a water mold problem.

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Weight 2 Lbs
Brand E-Z Pool™

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