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Solar Cover Reels

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Solar Cover Reels, Parts & Accessories

Want to make taking off and putting on your solar pool cover easier? Solar cover reels are the way to do it. Whether you’re looking for a manual or automatic reel for your above ground or inground pool, has you covered.

We offer dozens of solar cover reels giving you the chance to find the perfect fit and style for your pool and solar cover. Choose between cover reels made of stainless steel or aluminum, and select the proper size or length for your pool. Whether you have an inground or above ground pool, we have a reel to make taking your solar cover off and putting it back on easy.

We even carry several solar cover reel parts to many any repairs easy to complete. There’s also a selection of casters available so you can easily make your pool cover reel mobile.

For a detailed guide to finding a solar cover reel, check out our Buyer’s Guide and FAQ dedicated to the topic.

What Size Should I Get For My Reel?

To ensure convenience, it's important to select a reel that matches the width of your pool. If the reel is excessively long, it will become cumbersome. Additionally, consider the width of the reel itself, not just the tubing that holds the cover. It should fit across your pool and allow enough room for easy passage.

How Do I Attach My Cover To My Solar Reel?

Attaching the cover is a straightforward process. Start by following the assembly instructions for the reel. This will involve attaching casters if needed, assembling the tubing, and securing the ends. Once the reel is assembled, position it in the desired location and ensure that your solar cover is spread out over the pool.

Next, use the attachment kit to connect the cover to the reel. Begin by placing the plates approximately 2" to 3" from the end of the solar cover, evenly spacing them across its width. Then, fasten the straps using Velcro, sliding them through the plates. Finally, complete the attachment by securing the included buckle piece, which should be positioned 24" from the end of the strap.

Once this process is complete, your reel will be ready to use!

Can I Continue To Use My Reel After I Get A New Cover?

When the time comes to replace your solar cover, the new cover will likely be the same size as the previous one, allowing it to fit on the reel. However, you will need to obtain a new attachment kit and repeat the installation process to connect the new cover.