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Pool Cover Pumps Information

If you have an inground pool or an above ground pool, owning a Cover Pump is crucial when it comes to closing your pool. These pumps are placed on the surface of your winter pool cover and are designed to remove excess water once it reaches a specific level. By doing so, they help relieve the pressure and weight on your pool cover during the winter months. Additionally, submersible utility pumps can serve the purpose of reducing water levels or draining hot tubs as well.

How To Measure How Effective A Cover Pump Is?

The effectiveness of cover pumps is determined by their gallons per hour (GPH) capacity, which indicates the volume of water they can pump. A higher GPH means faster water removal and better pump performance. Many pumps can handle hundreds of gallons per hour, while some are even more efficient. These pumps come in different types, such as those that connect to a garden hose to pump water out, or others that can function while submerged in water, effectively removing leaves and debris from the cover.

How Are Cover Pumps Powered?

Most cover pumps can be powered simply by plugging them into an electrical outlet. At PoolSupplies.com, our pumps typically come with a power cord that is at least 19 feet long, ensuring a convenient setup for the winter season.

Can I Leave My Cover Pump Out All Winter?

We recommend bringing your cover pump, including the hoses, indoors during freezing weather. Once the cold winter weather has passed, make sure to remove all the water from the pump while it is still in liquid form. If the temperature drops again as the snow melts, the water can freeze once more. Therefore, it's essential to remove the water from your cover while it is still possible.