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Spa Chemicals

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Spa Chemicals

At, we aim to make spa maintenance easy. This one-stop-shop puts everything you need to keep your spa or hot tub clean, balanced and well maintained in one place. A clean hot tub has never been so easy.

How Should I Test My Spa’s Water?

You have the option to use either test strips or a liquid test kit to test your spa's water. If you need to measure metals or bromine, you might need to obtain additional testing strips or a new kit to obtain all the necessary measurements.

Should I Test My Spa For Metals?

We recommend to test your spa for metals on a monthly basis. If you have well water, it is recommended to test more frequently as there is a higher likelihood of introducing metals into your spa. However, it is generally more important to maintain balanced chemical levels in your spa, which helps prevent the presence of metals. In case you detect metal levels in your spa, it is crucial to address the issue promptly by purchasing a metal remover such as Rx Clear® Metal Out to eliminate the metals.

How Often Should I Test My Spa’s Water?

It is recommended to test the chlorine/bromine, pH, and total alkalinity levels in your spa's water 2 to 3 times per week. This frequency should increase if there is a heavy bather load. The calcium hardness should be tested once a month, or more frequently if you have experienced previous issues with metals. Additionally, it is essential to test your water after making any adjustments to determine their effectiveness. For example, if you added a pH-increasing substance, you should check if it raised the pH to the appropriate level. It is advisable to conduct this test after allowing the chemicals to circulate for a few hours.

If you have any more questions about spa care, visit our dedicated Buyer’s Guide and FAQ's on spa chemicals.