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Maintaining a pool is a daunting but rewarding task. We will be listing below 10 common mistakes that pool owners make (sometimes unknowingly) along with solutions for each problem.

To make your swimming pool safe and clean to swim in you’ll have to whip it into shape and then also learn how to maintain that beautiful clarity. Testing kits to check the chemicals in your water come in many different varieties and prices so the options to choose from are large. Before you make a choice, however, you should know exactly how to use these tests to make the best-educated decision. Below is a comprehensive list of test kit types and general instructions on how to properly use them. Even though we have listed instructions below make sure you double-check the instructions on whatever product you decide to purchase. The two most common methods of testing are testing strips and drops (aka regent testing).

As a pool owner you will want to maintain a clean pool; to do so you will have to find the correct filter for your pool. Swimming pool filters will be your best friend when it comes to getting rid of unwanted material that is floating around in your pool’s water. When shopping for filters you should be aware that there are three different types to consider: sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth.

You’re going to feel as though you have become a mini scientist after experimenting with the chemicals that will clean and balance your pool. When maintaining a balanced pool will be at times confusing and frustrating it is also the most rewarding aspect when it comes to taking care of your pool. Pool balancers will have to be added to make sure the pH, alkalinity and hardness levels are at the correct levels. That is not the only chemical you will have to use, other chemicals such as sanitizers, clarifiers, shock and algaecide with have to be added to minimize all sorts of bacteria. The benefits you get however are worth the time and energy you spend putting into your pool; your pool’s life will be elongated and you will be healthier and safer in the water you spend your time in. Over time all pools will need extra love to stay clean and balanced; if your pool is constantly acidic for example, over time the surface will begin to dissolve and the metals in your pool will corrode. That is why it is important to frequently check the balances of chemicals in your pool through the use of different test kits so you know exactly what chemicals need to be added to your pool.

Solar covers provide an effective and affordable heating solution for your pool during the summer. These covers can keep your pool temperature regulated while also creating a barrier to keep debris out of your pool. There are many options to choose from when it comes to solar covers which may confuse you at the start. Keep in mind your preferences, price range and the overall strength you would like your cover to have. Below is a chart that starts with the Mil which is the unit of measurement for thickness of solar covers. The nine covers listed are those that we sell, each cover has different qualities and is measured on the chart from one to six stars.

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard is just step one when it comes to creating a personal space that you have custom designed. Everyone will have different amounts of space and different budgets to work with but there are many opportunities to customize your backyard and create a gorgeous project. You could want more privacy from your neighbors or just want to minimize the amount of debris that will end up in your pool. From rocks to plants you can choose to create a space that is low to high maintenance.

Everyone’s goal is to have a clean and beautiful pool to swim in for the summer but the daily maintenance to get it to that condition can be quite the chore. Skimming the top daily and scrubbing the bottom to get rid of debris and dirt. There is always the rogue rock or branches that make your pool messier than what it is, if just having your filter to clean your pool isn’t cutting it then you may want to supplement in a pool cleaner that can make your pool look clean and keep your life simple.

Opening your pool is the best part of spring! Goodbye to the dreaded cold and hello to the warm summer months. We know you will want the process to go as stress free and quick as possible. To avoid any extra work, you want to do the set up correctly the first time. You don’t want to start off with a dirty unbalanced pool or having to replace broken equipment. We’ve created a list of steps to help you open your pool easily, limit the time it takes and spend more time enjoying your pool.