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Round, Oval & Rectangular Winter Pool Covers

When it’s time to wrap-up the summer swim season and close your pool, you want to make sure you get the right cover for the job. At PoolSupplies.com, we offer a variety of covers ranging in size, material and durability to make it easy for you to find just what you’re looking for.

Start by selecting the right size and shape for your inground or above ground pool. We have inground and above ground winter covers available for round, oval and rectangular pools. Next, consider your budget as you decide on the type of cover and if you want a solid or mesh cover. All our above ground covers come with a winch and cable to secure it, but don’t forget to grab anything else you need to close your pool, like air pillows, water bags and cover clips.

We recommend covers from Buffalo Blizzard® because they can even stand up to the harsh winters of the Great Lakes. We carry them in a variety of qualities from good, better and best. They’re strong and dependable, plus, they all come with full and limited warranties.

For more guidance on what type of winter cover is best for you and your pool, check out our Buyer’s Guide and FAQ all about winter covers.

What Would Happen If I Didn’t Use A Cover To Close My Pool And Left It Open?

While there are no strict rules mandating the use of a pool cover during winter, it is strongly advised. If you choose not to cover your pool for the season, you will have to deal with a significant amount of debris and algae in the spring. Additionally, you would need to spend more money on chemicals because they would deplete faster due to increased exposure to the elements.

Is A Mesh Or Solid Winter Cover Better?

The answer depends on when you close your pool and when you plan to reopen it in the season. A mesh cover is ideal for areas with heavy snow and rain since it allows water to drain through. However, it also permits sunlight and small debris, such as dirt, to enter the pool. This may require extra care when reopening the pool. On the other hand, a solid cover requires less effort in the spring but demands more maintenance and monitoring during winter. Since it is solid, it does not drain automatically, so you will need to periodically remove water from the cover. While using an air pillow with solid covers is highly recommended as it helps channel water to the edge for removal, it is not mandatory.

How Else Can I Simplify My Pool Closing Process?

Simplify your pool closing process by conveniently obtaining all the necessary chemicals with one of our Winterizing Chemical Kits. With a single purchase, you'll be fully prepared for winter!