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Replacement Liners for Kayak® & Fanta-Sea™ Pools

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Rectangular Pool Liners for Kayak® & Fanta-Sea™ Pools

Replacing your vinyl liner is sometimes unavoidable, but it gives you a chance to upgrade your backyard style by selecting a new pattern. As you make your choice, be sure to choose a cover that has the right bead attachment style for your pool.

Fanta-Sea and Kayak pools have specific bead attachment styles. At, we offer a variety of patterns in that bead style, so nothing will stop you from getting the perfect replacement vinyl liner.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Liner?

At some point, a patch will no longer be sufficient, and acquiring a new liner becomes necessary. The gradual exposure to the sun's UV rays causes damage to your liner over time, while the chemicals added to your pool lead to gradual cracking and tearing, resulting in a brittle and weakened liner. Additionally, seasonal changes in temperature cause expansion and contraction, which can further damage the liner and create opportunities for leaks to develop. Moreover, the aging process affects the liner, resulting in natural fading and staining due to prolonged exposure to the sun and harsh elements. If all these factors align and a patch is inadequate, it signifies that it's time to invest in a new liner.

How Should I Measure My Pool For The Best Results?

Precise measurements are crucial to ensure you select the correct-sized liner. To determine the height, measure from the bottom of the top rail to the bottom of the pool. Additionally, measure the length and width of the pool's interior. We recommend double-checking all measurements by measuring twice.

Can I Patch Or Repair My Liner?

Patch kits are user-friendly and can provide a durable repair that lasts for many years. However, it's important to note that patching a leak doesn't always address the underlying issue and is considered a temporary solution. The most challenging aspect is locating the leak, preparing the patch and the affected area. Begin by cleaning the area that requires patching, then cut the patch into a circular or oval shape, ensuring you use an ample amount of adhesive on the patching material. Apply pressure while affixing the patch to ensure its adherence. The longevity of the patch can vary from a few days to several years, depending on the severity of the leak and the thoroughness of your preparation.