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Water Bags Information

As you place your winter cover on your inground pool, make sure it’s secure with water bags. At, we offer one of the largest selections of water bags making it easy to get a protected and secured pool all winter long.

We offer a variety of lengths, colors and vinyl gauges to help you meet your needs and your budget. Best of all, we offer single and double chamber water bags.

For more information about water bags, check out our Buyer’s Guide and FAQ all about them.

How Do I Install Water Bags?

Installing water bags is a simple process. Start by using your garden hose to fill each bag with water, ensuring they are filled halfway to three-quarters full. This allows for expansion when the water freezes. If your cover has loops, position the water bags within these loops. Alternatively, if your cover doesn't have built-in loops, place the bags on top of the cover. Keep them spaced approximately 12 to 18 inches apart, or if you reside in a windy area, position them end to end.

Should I Use Corner Water Bags?

Corner water bags, as the name implies, are specifically designed to fit around corners. They are particularly useful for securing corners, especially around smaller features such as steps that can be challenging to fasten. If you find it difficult to keep the corners secure with regular straight water bags, it might be beneficial to purchase a few corner bags.

Single vs. Double Chamber: Does it Matter?

One of the first choices you’ll have to make is if you want single or double chamber bags. Double chamber bags lay flatter than single chamber bags and won’t roll. In addition, if one chamber is damaged or popped for some reason during harsh winter weather, the second chamber will still be intact, helping hold your cover in place.

While in most cases double chamber bags are superior, some winter covers have built-in water bag loops. A double chamber water bag can fit inside these loops, but a single chamber water bag fits a little better.

Helpful Water Bag Articles

Are There Any Alternatives To Water Bags?

Air pillows are a low-cost solution for preventing more costly damage to your pool during the winter season, such as pool walls splitting from ice damage. They are easy-to-install and extremely effective in both above ground and inground pools. Once installed the air pillow will then sit underneath your winter cover, creating an uneven surface for precipitation. Read the full article here!