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Safety Cover Information

Keep your inground pool safe and protected all winter long. A more secure and longer lasting alternative to traditional winter covers, you’ll have peace of mind all winter long. Whatever the size or shape of your pool, we’ll be able to help you find the perfect cover.
Select the right size and shape for your pool first and then select between a mesh or solid cover. As you measure, be careful to check which side your step is on based on the brand’s specifications, and due to all the unique shapes of inground pools, you may need to order a custom safety cover. If you choose to purchase a solid safety cover, you’ll also need to decide between a mesh panel or a built-in cover pump to keep water from gathering on top.
For more guidance on which safety cover is best for you and your pool, check out our Buyer’s Guide and FAQ all about winter covers.

How Should I Measure My Inground Pool To Ensure It’s Accurate?

To ensure accuracy, begin by measuring the length and width of your pool. If your pool has built-in steps, it is important to measure them separately. Additionally, if there is an offset to your steps, take that into account as well. For pools with more complex shapes or built-in features, you can find detailed instructions on how to measure them for a custom safety cover on our blog titled 'Measuring Your Pool for a Custom Safety Cover'. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service at 1-800-356-3025.

Should I Get A Safety Cover Instead Of A Winter Cover?

While safety covers and winter covers share similarities in terms of protecting your pool during winter and keeping out debris and sunlight, safety covers offer an additional level of security for your pool. They are specifically designed to prevent accidents by keeping children, animals, and unexpected visitors from falling into the pool. However, it's important to note that not all pools are suitable for safety covers. To ensure proper installation, a pool must have at least 3 feet of deck space all around it. This allows for the anchors to secure the cover to the deck while maintaining a clear pathway.

How Do I Tell Which Side My Step Is On?

Typically, brands measure the pool by standing at the shallow end and looking toward the deep end. If the stairs are on your right side, you should look for a cover designed for right-side stairs and has the corresponding measurements. Similarly, if the stairs are on your left side, you should search for a cover that indicates left-side stairs with matching measurements. While it is less common, a few brands may measure the side by standing at the deep end and facing the shallow end. Always verify how the cover manufacturer determines the side to ensure the correct fit.