Rx Clear® 3" Stabilized Chlorine Tablets


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Rx Clear® 3" stabilized chlorine tablets are slow-dissolving and perfect for floating chlorinators and automatic feeders. These tablets have a balance of 89% available chlorine and 99% Trichlor to stop algae and bacteria growth. Stabilized chlorine tabs are UV protected against the harmful sun rays, which prevents chlorine burn-off in your swimming pool and reduces the number of pool chemicals you need to add, saving you money. Each 7 oz. tablets are individually wrapped for convenience.

NOTE: Some of the tabs may be cracked or broken within their individually wrapped packaging due to shipping. This breakage is normal and does not reduce the effectiveness of the chlorine tabs.

Made in the USA. Compare to Pace®, Biogaurd® & Sun®.

**Limit 200 lbs. of 3" tablets per customer**

More Information
Tablet Size 3"
Brand Rx Clear®
Chlorine Type Tablet
Weight 8 Lbs

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