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Spa Chemicals FAQs



Beach Ball How often should I test my spa’s water? [open]
Testing your water for its chlorine/bromine, pH and total alkalinity levels should be done 2 to 3 times a week. This should be done more frequently with a heavy bather load.

Calcium hardness should be tested monthly, and you should test for metals every 3 to 4 months — more if you’ve had problems with metals in the past.

You’ll also want to test your water after you’ve made any adjustments to see if it was successful. If you add something to increase the pH, did it raise it to the proper level? You’ll want to check after the chemicals have had a few hours to circulate. [Shop All Testing Supplies]
Beach Ball How should I test my spa’s water? [open]
You can use either test strips or a liquid test kit. To test for metals or bromine, you may need to purchase additional testing strips or a new kit to get measurements for everything you need. [Shop All Testing Supplies]
Beach Ball Should I test my spa for metals? [open]
You should test your spa/pool for metals approximately once a month. If you have well water, you may want to test more frequently as you are more likely to introduce metal into your pool. Overall, it’s more important to keep your other chemicals balanced, and that will help keep metals out.

If you discover metal levels in your spa/pool, you’ll want to work to illuminate them immediately by purchasing a metal remover, like Rx Clear® Metal Out, to remove the metals.

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide SPA CHEMICALS

Proper spa maintenance is essential to keeping every soak safe and relaxing. The necessary maintenance includes monitoring the water chemistry and adding the needed sanitizers and other chemicals. With hot water, jets and maybe even lights, you have an oasis to manage.
Beach Ball Testing [open]
Like a pool, it’s important to test your spa’s water and maintain proper balance. Testing should be performed weekly — at least. You’ll want to check the pH, total alkalinity, total hardness and sanitizer levels.

For proper levels, you’ll want to maintain:

If your levels are outside these ranges, you’ll want to use the correct balancer to adjust it. If you’re pool has too low a level of bromine or chlorine, simply add more by following the instructions on the package based on your current levels and the size of your spa.

You may also need to use a pH increaser or decreaser, shock or any other chemical needed to bring back balance. [Shop All Spa Chemicals]
Beach Ball Additional Spa Care [open]
Additional spa care may require a scum remover and jet cleaner. This will help keep your water clear and free of oils, and your jets free of oils, dirt and minerals. We carry several products to handle those tasks. You may also want to use a clarifier if you notice cloudy water.

To heighten your spa’s relaxation, you may want to add bath bombs or specialized aromatherapy poaches. A relaxing spa is just as important as a clean one. [Shop All Spa Chemicals]
More Questions?
If you're unsure about spa chemicals, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.