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Information On Pool Wall Bags & Air Pillows

Pool wall bags and air pillows are essential accessories for protecting your above-ground pool during the winter months. Pool wall bags, also known as ice compensators, are durable vinyl tubes placed around the inside perimeter of the pool. These bags absorb the pressure from expanding ice, safeguarding your pool walls from potential damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles. By distributing the force evenly, they help maintain the structural integrity of your pool throughout the harsh winter season.

Air pillows, sometimes called pool pillows, play a crucial role in winterizing your pool. These inflatable devices are positioned in the center of the pool before applying the winter cover. They serve multiple purposes: preventing the cover from sinking into the water, creating a dome effect that allows rain, snow, and debris to slide off more easily, and absorbing some of the pressure from ice expansion. Together with pool wall bags, air pillows form a comprehensive winter protection system, ensuring your pool remains in top condition for the next swimming season.