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Metal Frame Pools

A durable and temporary addition to your backyard, metal frame pools make a great introduction to pools. If you decide that this is the type of pool for you, think about the size you’ll want for your space.

For more detailed information about metal frame pools, visit our Pop Buyer’s Guide and FAQ dedicated to the topic.

Why Should I Get A Metal Frame Pool?

Opting for a metal frame pool offers several advantages over inflatable pools at an affordable price. These pools provide greater stability and require less maintenance compared to inflatable options, as they are less susceptible to damage from sharp objects. Furthermore, metal frame pools offer superior durability both internally and externally. If you're seeking a convenient pool that can be easily dismantled and lasts for multiple seasons without straining your budget, a metal frame pool is worth considering.

What Else Do I Need To Get Started Using My Metal Frame Pool?

At, our metal frame pools come complete with all the essential components needed to begin using them. You'll only need to purchase seasonal chemicals along with games and floats to ensure your guests are entertained throughout the summer.

How Do I Store My Soft-Sided/Metal Frame Pool For The Winter?

As the warm weather subsides and fall approaches, it's crucial to dismantle and store your pool properly to ensure its longevity over multiple seasons. Before disassembling the pool, drain the water completely and rinse any remaining chemicals off the liner. Allow the liner to dry thoroughly before folding and storing it in a dry and secure location until the next swimming season.