AquaPill 11 Odor Eliminator

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AquaPill 11 Odor Eliminator

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AquaPill 11 Odor Eliminator helps to eliminate pool odors and scum lines.

Unpleasant pool odors and unsightly scum lines can detract from the appearance of the pool and from the pleasure of the swimming experience. AquaPill Odor/Scum Eliminator uses a powerfully effective enzyme to digest or decompose organic byproducts and wastes that cause odor and those residues that create scum deposits around the water line of the pool. 

About AquaPill:
No Measuring. No Storage. No Waste. With AquaPill's patented delivery system, you'll never have to measure or store your chemicals again! Simply pierce the capsule with the pin provided and place the capsule in your pool's skimmer. When the color disappears, discard the capsule. The right amount of chemical is dispensed each and every time.

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Package Size Single Pack
Brand Smartpool

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