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Card on Guard Solar Sanitizer

Item #103031


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Card On Guard features their BioPhotonX™ UV Light Conversion Technology, to capture and magnify UV lights to break down portions of the water molecules that reform to create free radicals that may attack. All you have to do is place Card On Guard in your pool or hot tub and let it go to work. Simply check your free chlorine levels regularly as you normally would. Because Card On Guard is doing minimum 50% of the work fighting bacteria, you have less of a fight controlling bacteria in your pool or hot tub. Card On Guard also helps maintain stable pH levels reducing the work even further.


  • Saves you money
  • Less maintenance
  • Healthier bathing
  • More natural and enjoyable water
  • Better for the environment


  • Reduced Maintenance: Breaks down water molecules, reducing the formation of harmful free radicals that can attack your pool or hot tub.
  • Clean Water: UV light conversion technology helps create healthier water by reducing the need for harsh chemicals, making it better for your skin and the environment.

How to use:

  1. Place Card On Guard in your pool or hot tub after testing pool/hot tub to ensure chlorine/bromine is at 2 ppm
  2. The next time you would put chlorine, bromine or other sanitizing chemicals into your water, reduce the amount you use by 50% (i.e. if normally using 4 ozs of chlorine, reduce to 2 ozs; if 2 tablets normally used, reduce to 1 tablet)
  3. On your next regular water quality check, if free chlorine or equivalent quality measure is in the acceptable range (1-2 ppm for chlorine/bromine), reduce the quantity of chlorine (or other chemicals) by another 50% (i.e. if 4 ozs originally used and initially reduced to 2 ozs, then reduce to 1 oz)
  4. Decrease or increase the amount of chlorine/bromine you add based on free chlorine/bromine level readings of weekly water tests

More Information
Pool Type Spa
Pool Type Inground & Above Ground
Color Green / Blue
Brand Card On Guard

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