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Complete Plumbing Kit with Main Drain

Item #274620


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Upgrade your plumbing hookups today with our Skimmer Plug System, designed for use with Kayak Pools®.  With this plug system, draining your swimming pool has never been easier. Our complete replacement plumbing kit will keep your pool in top condition. Plus, with easy installation, you can enjoy the benefits of this system in little to no time.


  • Wall skimmer
  • Bottom main drain
  • 1 ½" band hose clamp x8 
  • 3-way ball valve
  • 1 ½" insert elbow
  • Directional eye 
  • 1 ½" combination elbow 
  • 1 ½" insert tee
  • 1 ½" nipple for 4-way ball valve
  • Winter plug 
  • 1 ½" x 1 ½" insert male adapter
  • Skimmer plug
  • 35' of flexible PVC
  • Instructions


  1. Locate the center of the pool and install center drains at least 3' apart from one another
  2. Dig a trench 4" to 6" deep. The trench should lead out and under the bottom channel of the pool to the area where the filter will be set
  3. Connect the hose to the fittings and bottom main drains, using teflon tape on all threads. Clamps should grip on the ridged portion of fittings
  4. Before packing the trench with dirt, tape over the main drain openings and screw holes so as not to get dirt into screw holes. Do not pack the trench with sand
  5. Leave hose at least 6" long on the outside pool wall for hooking up to the filter. Check with local codes to see if this hose length needs to be longer

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