DEL Ozone™ Eclipse™ 1: Ozone Generator (110 Volt)

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The next stage for environmentally friendly pool care is here with the Eclipse™ 1: Ozone Generator. This unit comes with a 110 Volt option -- which can help to reduce your chlorine usage by 60-90%. You will see crystal-clear and safer water for your swimming pool instantly. Ozone for pools is an extremely powerful antimicrobial oxidizing agent that is 200 times more powerful than chlorine. 

The Eclipse™ 1: Ozone Generator:

  • 100% environmentally safe as the only by-product will be will be oxygen
  • DEL Ozone™ systems are completely automatic
  • The Eclipse™ 1 Ozone Generator is designed for pools from 7,000 gallons (primary*) to 25,000 gallons (supplemental*)
  • Connected to your main circulation system so each time your main pump turns on the ozone will automatically be introduced into the water.
  • A great unit to keep your pool water clean, clear and perfectly refreshing
  • Parts bag is included

* Primary: Used independently without the aid of any other oxidizer or sanitizer.

* Supplemental: When used in conjunction with the aid of other oxidizers or sanitizers. Not for use with biguanide (hydrogen peroxide base sanitizers).

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Pools Up To: 25,000 Gallons
Brand DEL Ozone

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