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LongerArm™ Wall Brushing Fulcrum

Item #284117


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Are you tired of not being able to keep your pool brush bristles pressed against the pool wall? Are your muscles hurting everytime you brush your pool wall? If so, you need the LongerArm! LongerArm provides superior wall brushing performance with half the effort. This new method for wall brushing helps you achieve the same scrubbing pressure with less bending, less twisting and less effort. Make this important step for pool maintenance easy.

How to Use:

  1. Rest the brush on the pool bottom close to the wall and adjust handle to shoulder height.
  2. Slip the beaver tail over the pole down to the deck, rubber pad side down. The ring opening should rest over the water but be very close to the deck edge.
  3. Stand firmly on the slip-resistant surface with at least one foot anchored securely close to the ring.
  4. Push the pole top outward causing the pole to contact the ring, push the brush against the wall below.

Tip: To make brushing your pool even easier, your pool pole should be clean and smooth to slip easily against the rub-ring during brushing.

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