No Mor Problems - Preventative Algaecide - 32 oz.

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No Mor Problems - Preventative Algaecide - 32 oz.

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No Mor Problems preventative algicide is liquid sodium bromide, used for the prevention and destruction of all known algae.

41.4% sodium bromide creates a reserve of potential bromine for the entire pool season. When mixed with chlorine or a weekly shock, the sodium bromide mixes with the chlorine to create free available bromine. Bromine is much more effective at killing algae than chlorine, and works in a wider range of pH, and is not slowed down by high stabilizer levels.

Initial dosage: 3 oz per 5,000 gallons. Maintenance dosage: 3 oz per every 1 lb of chlorinated shock.

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Brand United Chemical
Weight 32 oz

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