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Nuvo™ Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer for Above Ground or Inground Pools


Item #3763130


We're sorry, this item in no longer available.

The Nuvo™ Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer kills what chlorine can't in your swimming pool. It will work whether you use a salt generator or regular chlorine to disinfect your water. In your swimming pool, there are dozens of diseases that are resistant or immune to regular disinfection. The Nuvo™ Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer is used in addition to chlorine and will instantly eliminate pathogens such as E. coli, salmonella, staph and other chlorine-resistent pathogens.

When your pool water passes through the sterilization chamber, pathogens are eliminated by the same process used to sterilize surgical instruments. The result is the safest, cleanest water on earth. All of this is done in a perfectly safe and environmentally friendly manner at a cost of only pennies per month.


  • High intensity ultraviolet system at a low cost
  • No moving products parts for longevity and for ease of mind knowing it will not break down
  • Only cost a few cents a day to run
  • Kills what chlorine can't


  • Up to 15,000 gallons
  • 110 Volt plug
  • 25 Watt bulb
NUVO Features NUVO UV1500* NUVO UV3000
Salt Water Compatible Yes Yes
Max Pool Size/Gal 15,000 30,000
Max GPM 35 gpm 55 gpm
Max PSI 50 psi 50 psi
Bulb Wattage 25w 57w
Bulb Life/Hr 14,000 14,000
Warranty 1 years 1 years
*Designed for aboveground pools

Why the NUVO Ultraviolet System is Most Effective for Residential Swimming Pools

• UV systems for pools were adapted from pond and drinking water applications and were designed for commercial pools, not residential pools, with much lower bather loads and flow rates
• Residential swimming pools have their own unique set of conditions and NUVO is the only UV system designed specifically for residential pools

• A primary issue with previous UV systems has been the large size of the systems
• Previous formulas for maximum gallons per minute and lamp intensity had to be recalibrated for residential pools
•A smaller chamber was found to be MUCH more efficient than a wider chamber when the flow rates of residential pool pumps were used

• Chlorine use may be reduced but UV systems will never completely eliminate the need for chlorine, therefore there is a price threshold that must be considered when the pool owner will still be asked to add chlorine
• Oversized UV systems designed to reduce chlorine use by 60% or more are simply overpriced for residential pools

The NUVO Approach:
• NUVO does not make extravagant claims about reductions in chlorine use. While it does reduce chlorine use and stop cholrine odor, the primary claim is that "NUVO Kills What Chlorine Can't" which means the safest, cleanest possible environment for families with swimming pools

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