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REVIVE!™ is an excellent initial water treatment to eliminate potential problems in new pools, spring starts, and well-sourced water. REVIVE!™ is a superior spot treatment to clean out phosphates (which algae feed on), copper, iron, scaling carbonates, organic debris or other clouding matter when you need to clear water fast and clear water sure.


  • Removes orthophosphates up to 2000 ppb
  • Removes Copper & Iron up to 2.0 ppm
  • Clears water of organic Debris
  • Captures scaling Carbonates


Directions for use:

NOTE: If algae growth is present, shock or otherwise treat to kill algae before applying REVIVE!™

  1. Turn off circulation pump.
  2. Attach spray bottle to the garden hose.
  3. Spray contents of the bottle over the entire pool surface. Allow phosphates, metals and other debris to sequester and settle to the bottom of the pool for 12 hours, then circulate pool water through the filter for 12 more hours.
  4. Vacuum debris slowly to waste (preferred) or filter.
  5. If water clouds after vacuuming, filter water for 24 hours or until clear and vacuum again.
  6. Return to normal operating procedures.
  7. Wait 3 days before retesting phosphate level.


NOTE: Vacuuming through the filter (if necessary) will require frequent flushing. Clean or backflush filter if the pressure exceeds normal operation limits until vacuuming is complete and/or water is clear.

REVIVE!™ is made from a highly concentrated formula which contains Aluminum Poly-Chlorides and other natural minerals that are safe when used as directed. Not for human consumption. Non-hazardous in this concentration.

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