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Buffalo Blizzard® Ripstopper® Green Winter Cover W/ Closing Kit - Rectangular Pools


Item #671840K


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The Buffalo Blizzard® Ripstopper® cover is the ultimate pool cover to fight against rips, tears and splits that are typically caused by winter weather and the accumulation of debris. The triple-laminated polyethylene will stop rips in their track using a strong 12x12 scrim count that will protect your pool against even the harshest winter weather. This cover is protected by an ultraviolet light inhibitor that will ensure increased longevity and will protect your pool from harsh UV rays. The Ripstopper® features a 4' overlap that will protect your pool against wind, heavy snow and debris that may fall into your pool over the course of the winter.

This winter cover closing kit also includes additional products to assist your winter cover during the winter seasons. The Premium Closing Kit is suitable for pools up to 10,000 gallons.

Ripstopper® Features:

  • 12x12 scrim count per square inch
  • 5 foot overlap
  • Extra heavy water bag loops every 4 feet to keep your waterbags in place
  • Comes with a vinyl-coated cable & turnbuckle
  • Double grommets every 4 feet
  • Ultraviolet light inhibitor to protect against the Sun's damaging rays
  • Triple laminated polyethylene for extra strength
  • Double stitched & triple thick hems using UV-resistant nylon threads

Kit Items:

  • Buffalo Blizzard® Air Pillow - Puddles excess water to one area, making it easier to pump off.
  • Rx Clear® Chemical Closing Kit - (1x) 1 lb. Alkaplus pH Powder, (1x) 1 lb. All-in-One Shock X-Tra, (1x) 1 lb. Winterizing Powder
  • Roll of Winter Cover Seal - Block wind and dirt with an airtight seal. For best results, wrap pool at least 6 times.


  • 5-year full warranty
  • 15-year limited warranty

Note: This cover kit packages Does Not Include waterbags 


Blocks Debris

Material is made of double stitched and triple thick hems, this durable cover prevents unwanted debris from falling into your swimming pool.

Additional Material

An excess overlap material is used to compensate for lower water levels, use of an air pillow and the swimming pool top rails.

Fights Against Weather

Winter covers are designed to protect your swimming pool against rain, snow and high winds.

Protect Your Cover

It is highly-recommended that all excess water be removed from atop the cover during the off-season. This will elongate the longevity of the material and can be accomplished with use of a cover pump or siphon.


More Information
Pool Type Inground
Winter Cover Type Ripstopper®
Pool Shape Rectangular
Color Green
Pool Size 18' x 40' Rectangular
Warranty 15 years
Brand Buffalo Blizzard®
Cover Material Solid with Closing Kit

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