Rx Clear® 3" Stabilized Chlorine Tablets


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**Limit 200 pounds of tablets per customer**

Note: Some tabs may break within their packaging during shipping. The tabs will still function effectively if cracked or broken.

Made in the USA

Compare to Pace®, Bioguard® and Sun®.

Rx Clear® 3" Stabilized Chlorine Tablets are the optimal choice for an operative and cost-effective pool upkeep program. These tabs have a balance of 89% chlorine and 99% Trichlor to prevent algae and bacteria development. Stabilized chlorine tabs are U.V. protected against any damaging UV rays which in turn, averts chlorine burn-off in your pool. You will save money by using a smaller amount of chemicals in your swimming pool.

Each tablet weighs 7oz and is wrapped individually. The tablets will dissolve slowly to shield your pool water for a longer time.

Ideal for automatic feeders, floating chlorinators and skimmers!

More Information
Tablet Size 3"
Brand Rx Clear®
Chlorine Type Tablet
Weight 13 Lbs

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