Solar Saddle Cover Holder for Above Ground Pools

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Simply pull your solar cover into the cradles of the Solar Saddle, and it will keep your pool area neat while maintaining your solar cover when it's not in use. The unique cradling system keep your solar cover off of your deck or lawn. Made of five smooth and rounded saddle holders, the saddle is quick to mount to your pool and quick to remove with the breakaway connection.

Store your cover in the Solar Saddle by pulling it off of your pool, sliding it into the cradles, folding it accordion-style. Pull the cover back up and over your pool top to reset your solar cover. This can be done while in the pool or out of it, along the sides.

When mounting the Solar Saddle, be sure to space the five cradles evenly apart, allowing for 2 1/2'-3' of solar cover overhang on each end. All necessary isntallation hardware is included. Installtion of the Solar Saddle should take approximately 20-30 minutes.


  • Drill with 1/4" metal drill bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Small adjustable wrench


  • The Solar Saddle unit comes with 5 saddles, 5 mounting brackets, 10 stainless steel pan head bolts and hex nuts, and five mounting pins to attach the saddles to the brackets.
  • Locate where you want to place the saddles.
  • Mount the center bracket. Hold the bracket under the top rail, close to the side wall.
  • Mark where the 1/4" holes will be drilled by holding the bracket up as a location guide. Two holes are required per bracket.
  • Locate where to place the outside saddle brackets.
  • Measure around the outside of the pool 10 feet (each way from the center bracket) and place the outside brackets. NOTE: If you have a large pool you just fold the solar cover back on top of the outside saddles. This allows the solar saddle to be used with the largest sizes of pools.
  • Now mount the last two saddles between the center and outside saddles.
  • The holders extend from the side of the pool about 18" and down the edge of the pool about 19"

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