SolarChlor XT Solar Powered Floating Chlorine Generator

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SolarChlor is the solution to the rising energy and chemical cost necessary to maintain sparkling clear water that is both sanitized and healthy. SolarChlors dual patented process utilizes the suns power to transform salt (NaCl) into usable chlorine (HOCL) by means of electrolysis; powered by a non-harmful, high output solar panel.

The SolarChlor unit also employs an anode that, through the patented salt dissolution process, releases charged mineral ions that actively penetrate the cell walls of algae spores and inhibits further mutation. Works in saltwater and freshwater pools.


  • Save on water bill! No more high conditioner levels that require pool dilution to be corrected.
  • Helping to save the planet, each SolarChlor user can reduce greenhouse emissions as much as 800kg per year.
  • Solar powered! Durable, long-lasting solar panel.
  • Free chlorine all day long! Amazing chlorine output even when cloudy.
  • Self-cleaning cell plates! No constant upkeep or maintenance.
  • Will work in any size residential pool! in-ground or above-ground.
  • Good for pools up to 15,000 gallons.

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