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Pool Algaecide

Algaecide is key to clear summer water, as a preventative measure against algae and as a tool to fight it. At, we carry the algae you need for total summer care. Whatever the type of algae, we offer the perfect algaecide. With several types of algaecide available, make sure you select the right kind that will be effective in your water and safe on your pool.

If you have any questions about algaecide, check out our Buyer’s Guide and FAQ dedicated to that subject.

Why Should I Use An Algaecide?

Although chlorine can be effective against certain types of algae, it is important to note that some common strains of algae are resistant to chlorine. To effectively tackle algae growth, it is recommended to ensure proper pH and alkalinity levels before introducing an algaecide. Algaecides are also beneficial as a proactive measure, as regular use every week can help prevent the occurrence of algae.

When Should I Use An Algaecide?

An algaecide can be employed as a preventive measure to inhibit the blooming of algae in your pool. Additionally, it is advisable to use an algaecide after each shock treatment, as chlorine can diminish the effectiveness of algaecides. For a combined solution of algaecide and super shock treatment, you may want to explore our Rx Clear® 3-month kit. While algaecides are most potent in warm weather, it can also be prudent to apply an algaecide when closing your pool for the season.

What Type Of Algaecide Should I Pick?

The selection of an algaecide depends on your specific circumstances. Consider the following options:

  • Quat Algaecides: if you want to save money and plan to chlorinate your pool at the same time.
  • Polymer Algaecides: if you want to avoid any chance of foaming and staining, want something stronger and faster than quat algaecides, and don’t mind paying more.
  • Sodium Bromide Algaecides: if you have black algae or any other color and aren’t as worried about staining.
  • Sulfate Pentahydrate Algaecides: if you plan to use chlorine with your algaecide and your pool’s algae is out of control.
Once you determine the type of algaecide, you should also take into account the color of the algae and the concentration of the algaecide.