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Fanta Sea™ Pool Skimmer Information

It’s easy to skim debris off the surface of your pool. Leaves and branches meet their match with skimmer nets and in-wall skimmer systems. carries a variety of skimmers so you have nothing keeping you from a clean pool with crystal clear water. We even have replacement parts for through-the-wall skimmers to make things as easy as possible for you. For more information about that type of skimmer, visit our Skimmers Buyer’s Guide and FAQ.

  • Pool skimmers are effective tools for removing debris such as leaves and branches from the surface of a pool.
  • Skimmer nets and in-wall skimmer systems are commonly used for skimming debris off the pool's surface.
  • offers a range of skimmers, providing options for maintaining a clean pool with clear water.
  • Replacement parts for through-the-wall skimmers are available, ensuring convenience and ease of maintenance.