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6 Things to Ask When Interviewing a Pool Builder

Building a pool is a big responsibility especially if you have decided on an expensive inground pool. You have to decide on your budget, overall vision and the location of where your pool will be at home. One of the most important decisions is deciding on a company to rely on to install your swimming pool. Signing a contract and allowing multiple people to do construction on your property should not be taken lightly. It’s crucial you ask all of the right questions and know as much information about the potential companies as possible. Don’t see it as being too forward or putting the contractor in the hot seat because at the end of the day you are the one left with the final project; the answers that the contractors provide for these questions should help you make the best educated decision on who you would like to work with to build your new pool.

1. What will be the final price?

It’s important that the contractors answer lines up with the salesperson that you have either met in person or spoken to over the phone. There can be a chance that the first person that you have spoken to gave you a certain price and either not communicated to the contractor or the contractor decides on their own that they want more for the job then what was originally agreed on. You want to establish a clear price before construction begins because you don’t want the company to finish your pool and tell you a price that you have never heard before.

2. Do you belong to the APSP and what is your BBB rating?

This will ensure that you are working with a legitimate business; you can check their rating on the Better Business Bureau website along with any online reviews left about the company. Be sure to ask if the company belongs to the APSP (The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals). Not being a member of either organization is a big red flag and could reveal that the company doesn’t legally exist.

3. Can you list any references that you have created similar pools for?

Even if the pool company you have decided to work with has great customer reviews, which is very important, they should also have a list of references, especially from customers who have asked for similar results that you also have requested. If they state that they do not have any references or do not seem confident in the project that you have presented to them then they are not the right choice for you. The reviews should reveal the honest truth about how the company has functioned in the past. If the list is nonexistent or very small that might reveal that they are unexperienced.

4. What is your liability insurance and can you provide your license?

You want to check all of the boxes when it comes to narrowing down your final choice; the company should have the proper licenses and also have acquired the correct permits to build your pool. If they provide you with a contractor’s license and the name of the company does not match what is on the permit then you are not dealing with a truthful and legitimate company.

5. What is the payment schedule and method for this project?

Companies should not ask for 50% or more of the payment before the project has even started or has yet to be completed. If they ask for more as a down payment and you accept then you are taking the risk of your pool not being completed correctly or the contractors doing half the project and never coming back to finish it. Unreliable contractors may ask for a cash payment upfront for a certain “discount” not only is providing cash untraceable but you could be involved in a scam. Your contractor should be willing to work with you on a sensible payment plan that will keep you at ease throughout the project.

6. What customer service do you provide after my pool is completed?

You never want there to be a lack of communication during any part of this process. If your contractor does not listen to your concerns as they are working on a pool that you have spent your money on that is not a good sign from the start. Communication is important to have not only during the building process but even after your dream pool is completed. Make sure that the company has reliable customer service or support that you will be able to contact if anything goes wrong with your pool after all is said and done. This question also goes hand in hand with the company providing you with some kind of liability insurance. If your pool starts leaking a day or a year after it is built you want to make sure you know the circumstances that must be matched for the company to take responsibility.

This is not a question to ask a contractor but rather something to keep in mind while being involved with a contractor during the building process, do not allow yourself to feel rushed or pressured into saying yes to something you do not want or agree with. You are the one who is going to be left to live with the final project and you should be confident and happy with the results.

Greg The Pool Guy General Maintenance