Pool filters are your primary line of defense when it comes to keeping your swimming pool water clean. Water temporarily leaves your swimming pool through the pool’s skimmer, being moved by the pool pump into your filter. 

Maintaining a clean pool is one of the most important parts of pool ownership. In order to do so, it’s essential to have a filter for your pool. No one wants to swim in a dirty pool with dirt and debris everywhere.

Everyone wants that clean and pristine pool, but the daily maintenance can be quite the chore. Skimming the top and scrubbing the bottom, having to remove the grit and dirt that gets transferred into the pool from use, as well as the rocks and branches that can make a pool look unkempt, it’s hard to keep your pool looking the way you want. If you’re looking for a way to supplement your filter, a pool cleaner can make your life much easier.

Clean filters are a necessary component for maintaining a clean and beautiful pool. When choosing a filtration system there are 3 main options you can choose from; a Sand Filter,  a Filter Cartridge, or a Diatomaceous Earth Filter.