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Above Ground Swimming Pools FAQs



Beach Ball What else do I need to get my pool up and running? [open]
In addition to your pool kit and liner, you’ll need a skimmer system (included with many of our base kits). You’ll also need a pump and filter system to circulate your water and keep it clear along with a sanitizer to kill bacteria — most commonly chlorine.

As you install your pool, you’ll want to using some type of pool cove around the edge of your pool to help absorb force where the wall and floor meet. We also recommend a Rhino Pad®; this 1/8” thick pad creates a protective layer between your liner and the sand base as a flat and protective surface on your pool floor. Always follow the installation instructions of the liner you purchase.

You’ll also want some type of testing kit or strips to check your water’s balance. To make getting in and out of your pool easily, check out our step and ladder system. To keep your pool clean, you’ll want to look at vacuums, cleaners and skimmer leaf nets.
Beach Ball What about a soft-sided or pop-up above ground pool? [open]
Soft-sided and pop-up pools are an alternative to the traditional above ground pool. They’re an inexpensive option and easy to install. However, they are less durable than above ground pools since the walls are made of vinyl. Although weaker, they can be moved from place to place with relative ease. Depending on your needs, these types of pools may be a satisfactory alternative.

For more information about various soft-sided pools, check out our buyer’s guide and FAQ on soft-sided pools. [Shop All Pop-Up Pools]
Beach Ball Can I install my above ground pool myself? [open]
Yes! If you don’t want to pay someone to install your pool, you can spend a day and install it yourself. Pick a weekend, grab a couple of friends and your pool can be up and ready in no time.

For help installing, check out this video:

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide ABOVE GROUND POOLS

Not only is buying an above ground pool exciting, it requires a lot of thinking and decision making before you have created your dream backyard.

Note: As a pool owner you have the responsibility to educate yourself regarding your local laws. These professionals will advise you regarding compliance to your local city ordinances. Rules and requirements will differ from state to state and from township to township. Requirements may include fencing, ground wires, self-closing gates and more. It’s crucial that, as a pool owner, you take the responsibility to educate yourself regarding your local laws.
Beach Ball Picking a Pool: Size, Shape & Spot [open]
First and foremost, you want to pick the right size and shape for your backyard. Planning out the area you want to place your pool is important, measure the space you have while keeping in mind the shape you want to purchase. Consider the costs of electrical contributions of your future pool and what your budget is overall.

You may prefer the look of an oval pool, although round pools tend to hold more water than comparably sized oval pools. Ovals are also more expensive because they require more support. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and price.

Knowing where you want to place your pool and the size it’ll be, you also need to consider the depth. Above ground pools come with wall heights of 48", 52" and 54". The depth of the water will be 6” less than the wall height. As you decide, think about who will be using the pool and for what. For example, if small children will be using it, you might want to go with 48” walls. [Shop All Above Ground Pools]
Beach Ball Picking a Pool: Material [open]
Having those factors narrowed down will make your search easier and allow you to move onto thinking about the frame material. At, we carry pools with steel walls with resin or steel rails and uprights. There are also framing options using both resin and steel.

Steel framing is the cheapest and heaviest material available. It’s also rust-resistant, but it may oxidize and corrode at a quicker pace than resin when exposed to sun and saltwater.

Although resin is more expensive than steel framing it will not rust, corrode or oxidize. Getting a pool that’s only partially resin is a way to experience the benefits of this material while saving some money. [Shop All Above Ground Pools]
Beach Ball Picking a Pool: The Secret’s in the Walls [open]
Material is always important to keep in mind, but for others aesthetic may be higher up on the checklist. You'll want to pick a pattern for the walls that fit your needs and your backyards. Most of the wall patterns are on the subtle side, but overall you want to be happy with the end result. Patterns do vary by quality but there are several options at each level to choose from. [Shop All Above Ground Pools]
Beach Ball Picking a Pool: The Liner Makes It [open]
Not only does the vinyl liner protect your pool’s floor and walls, extends the pool’s life and keep the water in, it does a lot for your pool’s and yard’s look. Liners come in a variety of colors and patterns, designed with rippling water, wave-smooth pebbles, tile mosaics and more, offering you the perfect look for your outdoor oasis.

As you pick your liner, you want to make sure the liner connection is compatible with your pool. Most of our pools come with an overlap liner. In some cases, you may be required to purchase a liner separately, and you’ll want to ensure your connection style is accurate or compatible (for more information about liner connection styles, visit our buyer’s guide about above ground liners).

You’ll also want to consider the thickness — or gauge. While all liners are made of vinyl, they have different thicknesses. The higher the gauge, the thicker it will be. Durability also depends on the gauge as well; you may want to go with the thickest liner, however it will be much more expensive. [Shop All Above Ground Liners]
More Questions?
If you have more questions or would like help picking out your above ground pool, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.