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Buying a Soft-Sided Swimming Pool



Beach Ball What type of soft-sided pool should I get? [open]
You’ll want to decide what type best fits your needs and your budget. Here’s a few things to consider as you make your decision:

Get an Ultra-Frame pool if you want high quality and are willing to pay the price.

Get a pop-up pool if you’re not sure how much you’ll be using it and aren’t willing to make a big investment yet

Get a metal frame pool if you want something between Ultra-Frame pools and pop-up pools. They’re great if you want better quality than a pop-up pool but a lower price tag than an Ultra-Frame pool.
Beach Ball What else do I need to get my soft-sided pool running? [open]
Our soft-sided pools — pop-up, metal frame and ultra-frame — come with everything you need to get started! You’ll just need to stock up on chemicals for maintenance and pick up some floats and toys to add to the fun.
Beach Ball How do I maintain my soft-sided pool? [open]
Like other pools, soft-sided pools rely on a filter, pump and sanitizer — typically chlorine. For clear water, your water should be tested multiple times a week. To keep your water clear, you’ll need to keep your water balanced (for more information, visit our Testing Buyer’s Guide & FAQ).

You’ll also want to keep your pool floor and walls clean using a vacuum. As you look for a cleaner, make sure it’s compatible for soft-sided pools to avoid accidental damage.
Beach Ball How do I store my soft-sided pool for the winter? [open]
When fall comes or you’re done swimming for the season, you’ll need to find somewhere to store your pool. As you drain and disassemble it, you should rinse it off, washing away any chemicals to avoid additional wear and deterioration. Don’t fold it and put it away until it’s entirely dry.

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide SOFT-SIDED POOLS

Soft-sided pools are a great option if you don’t want to get a traditional, metal-walled, above ground pool. They are less expensive, easier to set up and typically require less space. Plus, they come with everything you need to get your pool up and running: filter, pump and ladder.

The lower price point typically means they don’t last as long. In some cases, you may only get a couple seasons, but some will last close to a decade and maybe beyond. Their soft sides make them vulnerable to the elements.

This type of above ground pool is characterized by vinyl walls that also serve as a liner. While all soft-sided pools share this quality, we carry several different types: pop-up pools, metal framed and ultra-frame pools.
Beach Ball Pop-Up Pools [open]
These inflatable pools are the most affordable soft-sided option that we carry at They are also the weakest of the soft-sided pool, the most likely to only last a couple seasons.

Pop-up pools are the easiest to set-up with a top ring to blow up. In as little as 15 minutes, your pool is ready for water. Just be sure to lay the ground cloth and pool on a flat surface clear of any rocks or debris. [Shop All Pop-Up Pools]
Beach Ball Metal Frame Pools [open]
These soft-sided pools are distinct for their metal frame. The corrosion-resistant steel tubing making up the frame creates a studier swimming experience than with a pop-up pool. They’re also stronger and able to last longer than pop-up pools.

They’re the in-between quality of the soft-sided pools we carry. They’re price falls in the middle along with their quality. They take a little longer to assemble than pop-up pools but not quite as long as ultra-frame pools. [Shop All Metal Frame Pools]
Beach Ball Ultra-Frame Pools [open]
These Intex® brand pools are the toughest, largest and most expensive soft-sided pool we sell. Their frame and 3-ply vinyl walls are the strongest. The vinyl is puncture resistant and the metal tubing is powder coated to avoid rust and corrosion.

Available in both round and rectangular shapes, they’re the best in soft-sided pools if you’re willing to pay the price. [Shop Ultra-Frame Pools]
More Questions?
If you have any more questions about soft-side pools, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.