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Aquapill FAQs



Beach Ball How do I use an Aquapill? [open]
Simply pierce the capsule with the provided pin and place the capsule in your pool's skimmer. When the color disappears, discard the capsule. The right amount of chemical is dispensed each and every time.

Always check the instructions for specific directions and the best results. [Shop All Aquapills]
Beach Ball Can I use an Aquapill with other chemicals? [open]
Yes! As you’re administering your Aquapill, you are safe to use other necessary chemicals, like your sanitizer or a closing chemical kit. [Shop All Aquapills]
Beach Ball How many gallons does my pool hold? [open]
You’ll need to find the volume of your pool. Here’s a quick formula you can use:

Length x Width x Average Depth x Multiplier = Volume in Gallons
  • Multiplier for rectangular and square pools is 7.5
  • Multiplier for oval pools is 6.7
  • Multiplier for round pools is 5.9
Note: All measurements should be in feet, including the depth. For above ground pools, assume that the water depth is 6” less than the wall height, so if your pool is 48”, assume the depth is 3.5’, and for a 52” pool, use 4’.

If math isn’t for you, take a look of the chart below featuring common pool sizes and how many gallons of water each size holds.

For more help with calculating your pool size, visit our blog, How to Calculate the Number of Gallons in Your Pool.

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide AQUAPILL

Aquapills are an easy way to provide chemical care to your pool water, all without measuring. Coming in several varieties, an Aquapill gives an easy way to add the chemicals to clean your filter, winterize your pool, attack scum lines or clarify your water. They’re also effective in all types of sanitizers.

Just put them in to make perfect pool chemistry a little easier.
More Questions?
If you have more questions about Aquapills, contact our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.