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How do I determine how many gallons my pool is? [open]
You’ll need to find the volume of your pool. Here’s a quick formula you can use:

Length x Width x Average Depth x Multiplier = Volume in Gallons
  • Multiplier for rectangular and square pools is 7.5
  • Multiplier for oval pools is 6.7
  • Multiplier for round pools is 5.9
Note: All measurements should be in feet, including the depth. For above ground pools, assume that the water depth is 6” less than the wall height, so if your pool is 48”, assume the depth is 3.5’, and for a 52” pool, use 4’.

If math isn’t for you, there are many online calculators to determine how many gallons are in your pool; you just need to do a quick internet search and they’ll pop up in the first several results.

For more help with calculating your pool size, visit our blog, How to Calculate the Number of Gallons in Your Pool.
How do I know my pool’s been properly opened? [open]
We know you want to jump in your pool right away but make sure that the pool’s chemistry is properly balanced such as the right level of pH, sanitizer, stabilizer, total alkalinity and water hardness beforehand. Also, there should be no algae or metals present in your water.

For more information about balancing your pool, visit our Testing Buyer’s Guide & FAQ. [Shop All Testing Supplies]
What should I do if I’ve already shocked my pool and there’s still algae? [open]
You’ll want to try shocking your pool again, this time using a higher dose of chlorine shock — anywhere from 2 to 6 times the normal size dose. After your chlorine levels balance out, you’ll want to add an algaecide to complete the treatment. After the water is clear of algae you may want to give tou pool another sweep with your vacuum to clear any remaining dirt and debris. [Shop All Shock]
What do I need to open my salt water pool? [open]
At PoolSupplies, we offer an opening kit designed for salt water pools. This kit includes stabilizer, algaecide, testing strips and a solution to help prevent staining and scaling. [Shop Salt Water Opening Kits]


Properly opening your pool for the season is exciting and incredibly important. It sets the tone for how the rest of the season will go and determines how fast you can start relaxing the day away at the pool. Opening your pool is more than taking off the cover and adding some fresh water; you also need to add fresh chemicals to kill and clean anything that grew during the winter.

Our opening chemical kits are designed to offer you everything you need to make for an easy and efficient spring opening. Each kit is sold based on pool size, so you’ll even get to cut back on measuring.
What You’ll Need [open]
At a minimum you’ll need to shock your pool, add some stabilizer to your chlorine pool and use an algaecide or some type of clarifier. At, we sell 2 opening kits that include just the basics for pool opening.

But some people need more than that to get ready to keep their pool clean and clear for another season. For that we have a kit with more shock, metal remover, algaecide, conditioner/stabilizer, pH increaser, pH decreaser, alkalinity increaser, water test strips and tile and vinyl cleaner. [Shop All Opening Kits]
More Questions?
If you’re still not sure what you need to open your pool for the swim season, visit our blog, What’s Included in a Spring Opening Kit? or call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.