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Automatic Pool Cleaners FAQs



Beach Ball How do I know what cleaner type is best for me: robotic, suction side or pressure side? [open]
The first step in deciding what cleaner you should buy is figuring out what is compatible with your pool and pool system. Most pools will only work with either a pressure side cleaner or a suction side cleaner.

Since robot cleaners don’t connect with your pool’s system, your system will definitely be compatible with them, though a robotic cleaner may be excessive and do more than you need.

For more information, visit our blog, A Buyer’s Guide to Pool Cleaners. [Shop All Automatic Pool Cleaners]
Beach Ball Will an automatic cleaner be okay on my vinyl/concrete/tile/gunite/fiberglass pool surface? [open]
All surfaces can be cleaned by an automatic pool cleaner. Even owners of pop-up pools can take advantage of these cleaners. As you begin to decide what cleaner is best for you, be sure that it is compatible with your pool's surface. If it is incompatible it could cause damages such as scratches or small tears.

Each product listing should say what surfaces it is effective on. [Shop All Automatic Pool Cleaners]
Beach Ball Can I use my cleaner while someone’s in the pool? [open]
Stay safe by always taking your automatic cleaner out of the pool before going for a swim.

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANERS

Looking through all of the automatic pool cleaner options can quickly feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The market is filled with options for automatic pool cleaners, all with different features, and it helps to have a basic understanding as you decide what to purchase.

As you look, it’s important to remember that it isn’t a matter of what automatic pool cleaner is the best, it’s a matter of what is the best for you and your pool. To help guide your decision making, we’ve compiled some information about pool cleaners.

There are 3 types of automatic pool cleaners to choose from: robotic, suction side, and pressure side cleaners. Each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.
Beach Ball Robotic Cleaners [open]
Robotic cleaners are highly recommended due to it operating separately without relying on a pool pump or booster pump. They are also incredibly easy to use — most just need to be plugged in, submerged, and powered on. The robot will do the rest from there. While they offer some of the most efficient and effective pool cleaning, robots typically are the most expensive automatic cleaner and can sometimes be excessive for a person’s needs. [Shop All Robotic Cleaners]
Beach Ball Suction Side Cleaners [open]
Suction side cleaners attach to the suction line of your pool’s plumbing system or connect to the skimmer and draw power this way. They are affordable and very effective at picking up smaller dust or debris that they filter through your system. Suction side cleaners are a great option for small to medium sized pools and tend to be more affordable, but they do create a bigger wear on your pool pump. [Shop All Suction Side Cleaners]
Beach Ball Pressure Side Cleaners [open]
Finally, pressure side cleaners are powered by pressure from a dedicated booster pump or pool pump. This cleaner vacuums the bottom of the pool while also sweeping its sides, debris is put into an easily removable filter bag for you to dispose of later. In heated pools, they also aid in distributing the heat. While pressure side cleaners are typically cost effective and require little maintenance, they typically require a booster pump. [Shop All Pressure Side Cleaners]
Beach Ball Narrowing it Down [open]
Once you decide the type of cleaner you want, you’ll be able to narrow your search down. As you scroll through our selection of automatic cleaner models, you’ll want to make sure it will work with the size and depth of your pool. Choose the most effective and non-damaging cleaner for your pool's size and surface. [Shop All Automatic Pool Cleaners]
More Questions?
If you have any further questions or are still unsure of what the best cleaner for you is, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025 for some more help.