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Handheld Pool Vacuums FAQs



Beach Ball Do I need a pool vacuum? [open]
A pool vacuum will be one of your main defenses against scum and debris that gathers in your pool throughout the season. Whether you decide on a handheld vacuum, a manual vacuum head, or an automatic pool cleaner, you will realize how much you rely on your vacuum! Don't let algae form on your pool's floor, sides or steps; maintaining your pool's cleanliness will benefit you and all your guests. [Shop All Handheld Vacuums]
Beach Ball Why should I choose a handheld vacuum instead of an automatic cleaner? [open]
Depending on your budget and the size of your pool an automatic cleaner may be overkill. Handheld Vacuums tend to be a cheaper option as well as allowing you complete control over how your pool is cleaned. Small to medium-sized pools are easily cleaned by handheld vacuums, but that being said you may prefer an automatic cleaner over a handheld.

Either vacuum will efficiently spot clean your pool and help you get to those hard-to-reach places. [Shop All Handheld Vacuums]
Beach Ball What’s a debris bag and how do I manage one? [open]
To make cleaning easier most vacuums operate without a cord or hose and instead send collected debris into a bag. You may see different places where the debris bags are kept such as being built into the structure while others hang loosely and can be seen clearly.

To ensure the best results from your vacuum you'll want to empty the bag between uses. Debris must be able to flow into the bag as you clean. You may end up emptying the bag mid-clean depending on the state of your pool. [Shop Debris Bag]
Beach Ball How do I use my vacuum? [open]
While choosing your vacuum be sure to check that it is compatible with your pool's surface and power source. After you have purchased a vacuum you'll want to start by assembling it and making sure you have enough hose to stretch the length of your pool. If your vacuum has a debris bag it should be empty and secured in place.

Securing your hose if the vacuum's suction is powered by your pump and filter system is the next step. Note that the pump should be turned OFF when you are securing the hose. After this step, you are ready to begin vacuuming! Move the vacuum around your pool slowly to avoid stirring up more debris and go over spots more than once to ensure you have cleaned it fully.

For more detailed instructions, visit our blog, How to Vacuum Your Pool. [Shop All Handheld Vacuums]

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide HANDHELD VACUUMS

Handheld pool vacuums will help keep your pool clean, free of algae and debris for the summer season. A handheld vacuum will help you make your pool a clean oasis if it is the primary tool for cleaning your pool or if it is working alongside an automatic cleaner.

Not only are handheld vacuums affordable and effective they also allow you to maintain control and concentrate the cleaning force where you need it while achieving a high level of suction to clear away dirt, debris and algae.

While all handheld cleaners work toward the same goal — a clean pool — there’s a multitude of ways that vacuums use to get there. You need to consider the type and size of your pool, the vacuum’s power source and its suction power.
Beach Ball Your Pool: Type, Size and Surface [open]
As you start looking for a vacuum, you can immediately narrow down your search to vacuums that are compatible with your pool. Will it work with your above or inground pool? Does this vacuum operate with the pool’s size and depth? You’ll be able to sort your search to above ground or inground pools and find pool size information in the product description.

Vacums must be compatible with your pool but another important factor is that they will not damage your pool during use. Vinyl liners can be damaged by using the wrong pool cleaner for example. Check for any special warnings even though most handheld vacuums are gentle enough for any type of surface. [Shop All Handheld Vacuums]
Beach Ball Picking a Power Source [open]
Most handheld vacuums are equipped with rechargeable batteries, requiring a charge before each use. This can range from less than an hour to 4 hours or more, depending on the vacuum. Other vacuums are battery-operated and require anything from AA batteries to D batteries.

Depending on the vacuum they may operate through a hose's connection to your filter. This creates their suction power without needing batteries. One limitation will be the length of your hose, you can start cleaning your pool at any time for however long you need as long as it reaches all the spots you need it to. [Shop All Handheld Vacuums]
Beach Ball Watching Suction Power [open]
A vacuum relies on its suction power for how well it cleans and sucks up debris, this is determined by its power source. Typically, battery-operated and rechargeable vacuums have the most suction power while ones that use your filtration system are weaker.

Just because some vacuums have a weaker suction power doesn't mean that they won't fit your needs. In the end your vacuum is determined by what works best for you and what is within your budget. [Shop All Handheld Vacuums]
More Questions?
We a lot of options available at If you’re unsure what’s best for you or if you have more questions, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025.