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Solar Covers FAQs



Beach Ball Are there any alternatives to a solar cover? [open]
We offer two alternatives for solar covers here at

Liquid solar covers create an invisible barrier that conserves heat energy. It helps save water by decreasing evaporation and reducing heat loss. This affordable alternative to solar covers helps conserve hundreds of gallons of pool water. Your pool’s size will determine the recommended dose for this product.

Solar Rings are passive solar heating devices for your pool. Created with two layers of UV resistant vinyl these rings will convert 50% of the sunlight into heat. Just as shape matters for solar covers these circular rings do not cover the entire surface of your pool due to the gaps between each ring. Some customers use solar rings along with a solar blanket at night to create additional insulation. We also carry solar squares, which are close to solar rings but in a square shape. We also carry solar squares, which are close to solar rings but in a square shape. [Shop All Solar Cover Alternatives]
Beach Ball How is the quality of a solar cover determined? [open]
At, we offer a variety of solar covers in different styles, sizes and colors to meet your needs. We have categorized the covers into different ‘series’ which are categorized by a good, better, and best ranking system. Varying from 800 to 1600, these covers become thicker the higher the series is.

Beginning with our “good” ranking we offer the 800 series solar covers. This series is an effective and affordable way to heat your pool while conserving energy. Although it is the thinnest cover, we offer it still prevents the need for electricity and protects your pool while minimizing evaporation.

The 1200 series is thicker than the 800 series and is considered our “better” style of covers. Using UV light to heat the water below, this cover will create and hold heat better than our 800 series.

The 1600 series are considered the highest quality covers that we sell. While it is ranked best amongst the list of the covers explained above that also means it is the highest in price as well. Rated the best overall for longevity, heat retention and heat production, this cover will have the biggest impact on heating your pool.

[Shop All Solar Covers]
Beach Ball Does the color of the solar cover matter? [open]
Just as the quality of your cover depends on the series and bubbles, the color of the solar cover you purchase does matter.

Clear solar covers may absorb the least amount of heat but it does increase the heat of your pool water since it allows more light energy to pass through. The clear covers can degrade faster due to the implication of chlorine levels. The pool may heat faster but you’ll have to manage your pool’s water chemistry more frequently.

The blue solar covers are stronger than our clear covers. It is the original color of solar covers and is more effective when it comes to trapping heat and conserving chemicals. However, they do not heat water as quickly as the clear covers but they do block more heat energy.

Lastly, the silver solar covers are the best choice when it comes to heat retention. The particular silver colors that we stock have two colors. The blue side that will face the sun absorbs heat for the water. The silver side traps in the heat by reflecting heat energy back towards the water. Passive solar heating can raise your pool temperature by an average of 5-10 degrees.

For more information about different solar cover colors, visit our blog, Comparing Solar Cover Colors. [Shop All Solar Covers]
Beach Ball I ordered a solar cover that matches my pool’s size. Why is there extra material? [open]
All of our solar covers are sold with extra material or overhang that can measure between several inches and 11”. You can trim this excess material to custom fit your pool. Learn more under the popular question ‘How do I trim my solar cover to size?’. [Shop All Solar Covers]
Beach Ball How do I trim my solar cover to size? [open]
Our solar covers come with a few inches of overlap in order to allow you to trim your cover to your pool’s size and shape. You may have accessories such as ladders and waterfalls that are attached to your pool creating obstacles for your liner. Before you trim your cover, let it rest on a flat surface such as a deck or level backyard to work out any creases and wrinkles. After this step, you will want to secure the edges of the cover tautly so it does not move during the cut. You may want to use bricks or other heavy objects that you own. Use scissors or a sharp razor to carefully cut off the excess material. Begin with cutting off less than you would like to trim since you can always take off more later.

For more detailed guidance, visit our blog, How to Properly Fit Your Solar Cover on Your Swimming Pool. [Shop All Solar Covers]
Beach Ball Do I need a solar reel? [open]
Solar Reels are not required if you own a solar cover for your pool, however, they will make the removal and positioning of the cover much easier. We sell both inground and above ground pool reels so you can choose the reel that works best for you.

If you choose to not purchase a solar reel when while owning a solar cover, be sure to take special care of your cover. Keep your solar cover in a shady place away from any potentially sharp or dangerous objects that can create premature wear.

For more information about solar reels, visit our blog, 6 Things to Consider Before you Buy a Solar Cover Reel. [Shop All Solar Cover Reels]

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide SOLAR COVERS

Solar covers are an easy and cost-effective way to heat your pool all season long. Solar covers can raise your pool's temperature by several degrees depending on the quality of the cover, in addition to environmental factors such as weather. In addition, they help prevent water loss caused by evaporation, help maintain your pool’s chemical balance and can keep debris out.

They work by capturing and trapping heat from the sun. Made of a layer of thermal bubbles, the captured heat gets transmitted to warm the water while the sun is out. When night comes, the solar cover works to keep the heat trapped, keeping the water temperature from dropping.

While all solar covers do the same things, they aren’t all made the same. At, we offer a variety of colors and thicknesses to best meet your needs and budget.

Sun2Solar® Solar Cover Comparison Chart
More Questions?
If you have any questions or are still unsure of what the best cleaner for you is, visit our blog, Everything You Need To Know About Solar Covers, or call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025 for some more help.