GLI™ HyPerLite™ Rectangular w/ 2 ft. Right OffSet Steps Blue Solid with Drain Safety Cover - 18 x 36 + 4 x 8

Item #057211BD



GLI™ HyPerLite™ is a light weight solid cover that also offers higher puncture resistance than your standard solid safety cover. The HyPerLite cover is 30% lighter and 50% more puncture resistant. The best choice if you have animals or trees overhanging the pool. 


  • Contain improved strength and puncture resistance - the ultimate in durability, which is able to withstand puncturing from falling tree branches, deer hooves & the claws (etc.) from other animals.
  • Provides 100% Sunlight Blockage, which means there will be NO spring time algae growth in your pool
  • Made with PVC-coated polyester fabric, which is why it’s 30% lighter than standard solid covers
  • Offers our patented “Kleen-Screen” drain, circulating the water in a direction that efficiently filters out dirt, leaves and debris from the surface (Stock)
  • Contains our new, improved Sure-flo full length drain, a standout feature which commands better water flow through the drain while still allowing the ultimate sun blockage; pumps are also available. (If Sure-Flo is wanted please call in to speak with a representative)
  • Commercial Grade Springs are standard on all Custom Covers – this is $125 value!
  • Fastest turnaround times in the industry!*
  • Meets or exceeds all industry safety cover performance standards as set forth in ASTM F 1346-91.
  • Contains a standard 15-Year Limited Warranty.
  • List size is pool size, cover size will be 1’ larger all the way around


NOTE: For this safety cover to work properly, your pool must have 3’ or more of concrete around the perimeter, there must not be any protrusions from the deck within 12” of the edge of the pool (such as slide or diving board mounting brackets, hand rails, ladders, etc.), and the pool must be the exact size (within 3 inches) and shape specified by the product description (including size and position of steps and no more than a 2’ radius at the corners) for any product warranties to apply.

NOTE: Standing in the DEEP END and looking towards the SHALLOW END is how you determine which side your steps are on, right or left.

More Information
Pool Type Inground
Brand GLI
Safety Cover Style Solid with Drain
Color Blue
Pool Size 18' x 36' Rectangular
Step Size 4 ft x 8 ft
Step Offset 2 ft Right
Pool Shape Rectangular w/ Offset Step

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