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Pool Safety Covers FAQs



Beach Ball Should I get a safety cover instead of a winter cover? [open]
Safety covers and winter covers have similarities: they protect your pool through the winter, block sunlight and keep debris out, but safety covers also secure your pool more than an ordinary winter cover. They keep children, animals and unexpected visitors safe from falling in your pool.

That said, not every pool is compatible with a safety cover. For proper installation, a pool must have 3’ of deck space all the way around it. This allows for anchors to secure the cover to the deck and still allow enough room for a clear pathway. [Shop Safety Covers]
Beach Ball Can I put a safety cover on my above ground pool? [open]
Safety covers are typically used on inground pools and rarely on above ground pools. That said, safety covers can go on an above ground pool if your pool has a deck of at least 2’ to 3’ going all the way around. [Shop Safety Covers]
Beach Ball Do I need a special tool for installation? [open]
Some covers do require a special installation tool specific to the cover’s brand while others don’t need anything or just use common tools like a wrench. You’ll want to read the product description to see what a particular cover uses. Buffalo Blizzard® Safety Cover Inground Installation Tool
Beach Ball How should I measure my inground pool to ensure it’s accurate? [open]
Begin by measuring the length and width of your pool. If you have built-in steps, you’ll want to measure that separately. You should also measure if there is an offset to your steps.

For more complex shapes or built-ins, visit our blog, Measuring Your Pool for a Custom Safety Cover, for detailed instructions. Feel free to call customer service at 1-800-356-3025 with any questions. [Shop Safety Covers]
Beach Ball How do I tell which side my step is on? [open]
Most brands measure by standing at the shallow end looking toward the deep end. If the stairs are on are your right, you’ll want to look for a cover with stairs on that side with the appropriate measurements, and if they’re on your left, you’ll look for a cover that indicates left side stairs with the same measurements.

Few brands measure if it’s left or right by standing at the deep end and facing the shallow end. While this case is few, you’ll always want to check what the cover manufacturer looks at to be sure. [Shop Safety Covers]
Beach Ball Do I need to order a custom cover? [open]
If you have a standard sized pool, you won’t need a custom cover. If you can’t find the right size and shape for your pool, you’ll need a custom cover to get the right fit. The same goes for if you need special cutouts for obstructions such as diving boards, ladders and rock features.

For help submitting a quote, check out this video:

[Shop Safety Covers]
Beach Ball How can I block out sunlight with a mesh safety cover? [open]
Mesh covers block sunlight at different levels, some being close to 100% effective. No mesh cover will block all sunlight. You can use a black solar cover underneath your mesh cover to block out light, though. [Shop Mesh Safety Covers]
Beach Ball Is it possible to patch a rip or tear in the cover? [open]
To avoid any big disasters mid-winter, always inspect your pool cover before you put it on for the season. It’s best to inspect it for holes or damage in the spring, when it’s fresh in your mind.

Holes can form from a variety of things including animals, falling tree branches or a build-up of debris. If the tear isn’t too big, you’ll be able to patch it up with an easy-to-use patch kit. Note, the patch job may just be a temporary solution to get you through the season or maybe even longer. [Shop Safety Cover Patch Kits]

Swimming Pool Buyers Guide SAFETY COVERS

Safety covers are a stronger, more secure and longer lasting alternative to a traditional winter cover for your inground pool. Like a winter cover, a safety cover keeps your pool protected during the winter months, keeping it clean and clear from dirt and debris while blocking sunlight.

In addition, safety covers also add a level of security to your pool anytime you need it. A properly installed safety cover supports hundreds — sometimes thousands — of pounds without drooping. Keep children, animals and unexpected visitors safe from falling in.
Beach Ball Solid vs. Mesh Covers [open]
To buy a Safety covers for your pool, you’ll need to decide between a solid cover or a mesh cover.

A mesh cover allows water and snow to drain while keeping debris on top. Smaller dirt particles are still able to get through. Mesh covers only block some sunlight, the percent varying from cover to cover. Any sunlight getting through, though, may allow algae to grow, depending on chemical levels. Mesh covers are also lighter, making them easier to carry, place and store.

In contrast, solid covers don’t allow any water or snow through. Because of this, they require a drain panel or a cover pump running to prevent water from accumulating in pools on top. In addition, they are stronger and more puncture resistant than mesh covers. Solid covers also entirely block sunlight, preventing the growth of algae. [Shop Safety Covers]
More Questions?
If you have any questions or are still unsure of what safety cover is best for your pool, call our in-house pool experts at 1-800-356-3025 for some more help.