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Jack's Magic Pool Stain Solution #2 - 5 lbs.

Item #3011478


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Stain Solution #2 is designed to safely and effectively remove copper stains and scale from all types of pool surfaces without draining the pool. In most cases, The Copper & Scale Stuff is more effective than acid washing the pool and will save you both time and money. 

Note: The use of a sequestrant is required to filter out the stain.

Try our Magenta Stuff, Pink Stuff, Blue Stuff, or Purple Stuff for other stains


  • 10 lbs per 10,000 gallons


Am I able to use Stain Solution #2 with an ionizer or Nature 2 system?

You can, but you should call our customer service at 1-800-356-3025 for assistance.

How long will treatment with Stain Solution #2 take?

Time can vary. Treatment with Stain Solution #2 can last anywhere from 48 hours to several weeks.

What happens if my pet gets into the pool during treatment?

With your pool pH below normal levels, we do not recommend swimming by people or animals during treatment. Stain Solution #2 treatment lowers your pH to a range near 6.0, making your water more acidic than normal.

I did the Stain Solution #2 treatment, but now I can't get a chlorine reading. What do I do?

The chemical in Stain Solution #2 will cause a combined chlorine reading, which may last as long as 30 days. For the first two weeks following the treatment, do not attempt to shock the combined chlorine out. In order to avoid over-chlorinating, test for both free and combined chlorine.

If my Alkalinity and pH are already low, should I still add the acid to my pool?

In most situations, we would still recommend following the instructions. Please feel free to call a customer service representative at 1-800-356-3025 with specific questions.

I've added Stain Solution #2 to my pool. How long should I run my pump?

Your pump should be run continuously for the duration of treating your pool.

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Weight 5 lbs.
Brand Jack's Magic™

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