Jack's Magic® The Magenta Stuff™ - 1 Quart

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Jack's Magic® The Magenta Stuff™ - 1 Quart

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The Magenta Stuff represents a breakthrough in swimming pool stain prevention. Highly effective in all pool systems, The Magenta Stuff has been formulated to prevent and help remove metallic stains and scale in swimming pools by allowing the filtering of metallic contaminants out of the water. This fast-acting product helps fight stains and scale and is long-lasting to help protect all pool finishes from staining and scaling. The Magenta Stuff works well with all sanitizer systems (including salt chlorine generators-it will help prevent scaling of cells, clean cells, and helps prolong cell life!)


  • Initial: 1 quart per 15,000 gallons
  • Maintenance: 6-8 oz. per 15,000 gallons weekly

NOTE 1: Immediately upon application, The Magenta Stuff will begin reacting to tie up contaminates, and for this reason, it is not uncommon to have a "cloudy" appearance in the water; this is a temporary condition and will be filtered out.

NOTE 2: If you are doing a scale treatment, the Magenta Stuff should be used in conjunction with Stain Solution #2.

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Brand Jack's Magic®
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