Loop-Loc Rectangular Solid w/ Drain Safety Cover w/ 4' x 8' Left Step w/ 1' Offset - Green (Various Sizes)

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Loop-Loc Rectangular Solid w/ Drain Safety Cover w/ 4' x 8' Left Step w/ 1' Offset - Green (Various Sizes)


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Safety Covers provide the ultimate protection for not only your family but also your pool. Harsh winter weather can be harmful to your pool and with a safety cover, it prevents the snow and ice from touching the pool directly.

Loop-Loc manufactures COMMERCIAL grade safety covers, meaning these covers meet the standards required for any commercial pool area. These are by far the safest, and strongest safety cover available on the market. You may recognize Loop-Loc as the company that had Bubbles, the elephant, walk across one of their mesh covers. Being a commercial grade cover makes them a little pricier than the other brand of covers we sell, however, some feel the extra security is well worth the cost.

The lightweight SOLID Safety Cover keeps all debris and unwanted pests out of the pool while keeping sunlight from forming algae during the offseason. Requires Cover Pump to automatically remove standing water in order to meet safety standards. High-tech copolymer material contains no plasticizers and enables the fabric to remain flexible from -50° to 200°F. Prices on safety covers include concrete deck anchors. Wood deck anchors are available at an additional charge.

NOTE: For this safety cover to work properly, your pool must have three (3) feet or more of concrete around the perimeter, there must not be any protrusions from the deck within 12 inches of the edge of the pool (such as slide or diving board mounting brackets, handrails, ladders, etc.), and the pool must be the exact size (within 3 inches) and shape specified by the product description (including size and position of steps and no more than a 4ft radius at the corners) for any product warranties to apply. If any of the above conditions are not met or if you have questions, please do not proceed with the order and call 1-800-441-7789.

**Customer should be standing at the shallow end, looking at the deep end**

More Information
Pool Type Inground
Brand Loop-Loc®
Safety Cover Style Solid with Drain
Color Green
Pool Size 18' x 36' Rectangular
Step Size 4 ft x 8 ft
Step Offset 1 ft Left
Step Orientation Left
Pool Shape Rectangular w/ Offset Step

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