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Rx Clear® Swimming Pool Stabilizer/Conditioner (Various Quantities)


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Rx Clear® Stabilizer and Conditioner is a product designed to reduce chlorine loss caused by the UV rays from the sun. It works best by adding 30-50 ppm to your water in the spring. Add stabilizer based upon water being replaced, not total gallon capacity.


  • Comes in a re-sealable eco-bag! 
  • Use only 2 lbs per 10,000 gallons
  • Rx Clear® stabilizer contains 98% cyanuric acid hydrate

         How To Increase Stabilizer

Increase In PPM  5,000 Gals. of Water    10,000 Gals. of Water  20,000 Gals. of Water  
 10 ppm  6.3 oz  12.5 oz  1.6 lbs
 20 ppm  12.5 oz  1.6 lbs  3.1 lbs
 30 ppm  1.2 lbs  2.3 lbs  4.7 lbs
 40 ppm  1.6 lbs  3.1 lbs  6.3 lbs
 50 ppm  2.0 lbs  3.9 lbs  7.8 lbs 


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Brand Rx Clear®
Weight 7 Lbs

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