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Rx Clear® Mineral Purifier


Item #112230


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Clean your hot tub water naturally without chlorine or harsh chemicals thanks to the Rx Clear® Mineral Purifier. Simply drop the purifier in your skimmer, filter basket, or near water flow for the best result. A combination of silver, copper and zinc kill bacteria as the water in your hot tub flows through the filter, reducing the amount of chlorine usage in your hot tub by up to 50% meaning longer life to the spa and its components.

This is compatible with Ozone Generators, UV Sanitizers, Salt Generators, Simple Blue and White River products. One stick works for hot tubs/spas up to 600 gallons of water. Each stick last for 4 months, eliminating daily maintenance.


  • Reduces the use of chlorine 
  • Contains silver, zinc, and copper
  • Extends the life of your Spa and its components
  • A natural and effective way to reduce bacteria
  • Less chemicals to store and use
  • Spa has less harsh odors and your water looks and feels better
  • Less skin irritation
  • Makes owning your spa easy and eliminates daily maintenance
  • Last up to four months


  • Reduced Chlorine Usage: Enjoy cleaner hot tub water with up to 50% less chlorine needed, providing a more natural and gentle experience for you and your spa components.
  • Extended Spa Life: By reducing harsh chemicals and bacteria, this purifier helps extend the life of your spa and its components.
  • Natural Bacteria Reduction: The combination of silver, copper, and zinc effectively kills bacteria as water flows through the filter.

More Information
Pool Type Spa
Pools Up To 600 Gallons
Color Blue
Package Size Single Pack
Brand Rx Clear®

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